The respecting of the right to a fair trial and all aspects connected with the effective guaranteeing of this right is in continuous focus of AHC activity. In years, AHC realised thematic monitoring and studies on the activity of the justice system institutions on impunity of criminal offences in the field of corruption, torture and inhuman and degrading treatment, execution of penal decisions, access of citizens to justice and the respecting of other aspects of regularities of fair trial, on the respecting the rights of minors in penal process, on the performance of the investigation and adjudication of the penal denunciations of public entities and citizens, on judicial processes related to the domestic violence, etc.

AHC has offered legal expertise in the process of drafting and improvement of the legislation of the justice system, for better respecting of human rights and freedoms and better efficiency of these authorities. Also has offered its contribution for the increase of the capacities of the judges and prosecutors regarding the best standards of respecting the fundamental rights and freedoms, etc.



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