Erida Skendaj

Executive Director

She was appointed to the position of “Executive Director” by the Assembly of the Albanian Helsinki Committee in February 2016. She graduated in 2006 with the title “Jurist” and in 2011 with the title “Master of Science in Criminal Science” at the Faculty of Law, University of Tirana. After completing the university studies, her engagement in human rights field began with a one year of internship at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Office of the Legal Representative of Albania to international organizations (ECHR, CPT, ECRI, etc). On 2008 was licensed as a Lawyer and in the same year joined the staff of the Albanian Helsinki Committee, as a lawyer and advocate for the provision of legal services and increased access of citizens to judicial protection from discrimination of vulnerable groups, monitoring the institutions of the criminal justice system and elections, etc. In 2014 she was named “Lawyer Advisor”, part of the civil service of the Albanian Parliament, being engaged in assisting the Committee on Legal Affairs, Public Administration and Human Rights to review the draft laws on issues of their compatibility with the Constitution and international acts and aspects of the legislative technique. Author and co-author in the preparation of certain number of publications, research studies, reports and articles in legal journals in the field of human rights, justice and judiciary institutions, corruption and impunity, concerning immunity and referendums, etc.

Niazi Jaho

Legal Advisor

He finished his intermediary school in Gjirokastra, and the high School in Tirana. On April 1942 he was arrested in Tirana for antifascist activity. He took part in the National War and is a war veteran. Graduated Law in U.S.S.R. After finishing his study in Leningrad University he turned back in Albania and initially worked at judiciary organs but then he was attacked by the communist regime and was fired and interned. In 1990 he turned back in Tirana and in 1991 has been publishing some essays on different issues such as Constitutional problems, HR matters and others concerning regarding the proper implementation and application of legislation’s concepts of new democratic legislation in daily newspaper

Nertila Çika

Finance Manager

Mrs. Çika completed her studies in Finance-Accounting, Accounting profile, at the Faculty of Economics (UT) in 2009. In 2012 she completed her Second Level Master studies in Accounting and Auditing at this Faculty. From 2018, she holds the degree of Doctor of Science in Economics obtained at this Faculty. Since 2009 she has been a consultant to an accounting, auditing and financial consulting company for NGOs and companies. In 2015 she obtained the title of "Certified Accountant". She is a member of the professional association IFAC from 2010 onwards. She is a lecturer in the Department of Accounting, Faculty of Economics, University of Tirana. Mrs. Çika has completed a series of short-term professional and academic trainings. She has participated with references in several national and international conferences and publications of several scientific articles within the country and abroad. Since July 2020, she has been attached to the Albanian Helsinki Committee in the financial management of projects and the office.

Miriam Angoni

Program Director

Has studied humanities, including French literature and a master degree on EU policies at Tirana University. In addition to a Maitrise in sociology at the Universite Catholique de l'Ouest, she has also completed successfully master studies on EU projects in Italy. She holds two Golden Medals for excellent results in high school studies and master level. She has a consolidated experience in leadership, management and implementation of human development, migration, EU integration and communication projects. She has worked as researcher on migration for the European Commission and higher education institutions in Albania. She is an activist for the protection of women and marginalized groups rights since 2000. She currently holds the position of the Program Director, at the Albanian Helsinki Committee, where she is contributing to the implementation of human rights instruments and strengthening of the rule of law in Albania.

Rovena Vuksani

Lawyer/Projects Coordinator

Has studied Law, the Faculty of Law, the University of Tirana, and Masaryk University in the Czech Republic as an Erasmus + scholarship holder, funded by the European Commission. During her studies, she has been engaged with various extracurricular activities such as trainings, conferences, forums, and professional practices at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Procredit Bank. Is part of the Albanian Helsinki Committee staff since January 2018, where she follows projects with various focus on the rights of juveniles, migrants, roma and egiptian community, whistleblowers, corruption, extremism, freedom of religion etc. Prior to the full-time employment, she attended the AHC practice program from September 2017 to December 2017.

Vjosana Neziri

Financial Officer

She became a member of the Albanian Helsinki Committee staff as " Finance Assistant" in September 2018. She has attended bachelor studies at Accounting and Finance at the University of Tirana from 2013 to 2016. From 2016 until September 2018 she continued her studies at the Faculty of Economics at the University of Tirana at the master level in the Accounting and Auditing. She also worked for a short time in a commercial business during her years of study and has participated in professional trainings in accounting and finance. Since January 2016 she is engaged in the U. S. Embassy Youth Council in Albania, a structure in which she has contributed to the coordination of projects, coordination of the Civic Engagement Department and for a period she held the function of Vice President.

Ardita Kolmarku

Lawyer/Projects Coordinator

Has studied Law, the Faculty of Law, the University of Tirana, and was graduated as “Excellent Student” in the Master of Criminal Law Sciences. During the period of studies, she has been engaged in trainings, conferences and has contributed as a co-author in academic essay. Prior to the full-time employment, she attended the AHC practice program from September 2017 to December 2017. Since January 2018 is part of the Albanian Helsinki Committee staff, in the functioning as paralegal near the Legal Clinic of AHC, and follows projects with various focus on the rights of convicted / pre-detained citizens, citizens with mental health disorders, establishment and monitoring the functioning of new organs of justice system governance, providing assistance to the citizens to address their complaints before the vetting bodies, sensitizing and providing legal assistance to citizens, etc. She is currently offering her modest contribution as Assistant Attorney at AHC.

Erdion Maçolli

Lawyer at the Legal Clinic

Mr. Maçolli graduated in 2016, with high results from the Faculty of Law, University of Tirana. After graduating from the National School of Advocacy, he was provided with a license to practice law. In addition of practicing this profession, he has been engaged as an expert in several projects implemented by non-profit organizations, focusing on the Justice system and youth programs. He is currently an External Lecturer at the Department of Criminal Law at the Faculty of Law, for the subject "Criminal Law, Specific Provisions" and has an active contribution in the field of scientific research, focusing on criminal law, where he is author and co-author. in some publications. At the Albanian Helsinki Committee, he has been engaged since July as a Lawyer of the Legal Clinic, for groups of people in need.

Rudina Shehu

Office Administrator / Project Coordinator

Mrs. Shehu graduated as a Jurist, in 2011, at the Faculty of Law, University of Tirana. During the period of university studies but also after their completion, she has been engaged in several activities within legal profile. In 2009, she participated in the training "Gender Equality in Leadership Education", organized by the International Summer University of Pristina, Kosovo. In 2011, she participated in the "International Commercial Arbitration", Belgrade, Serbia, a project of the University of Belgrade, Faculty of Law, in cooperation with GIZ. In 2019, she participated in the workshop "Anti-corruption and the most necessary and best practices in key sectors", conducted in collaboration with the Faculty of Law, the University of Tirana, the Ministry of Justice and the Faculty of Law at the University of Washington & Lee.



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