The organization is based in Tirana but carries out its activity throughout Albania, with the help of its network of correspondents, based in Kukës, Gjirokastër, Fier, Vlorë, Korçë, Elbasan, and Shkodër. This network of correspondents not only ensures expertise and information on acute issues in the relevant locations, but also helps monitor respect for the rights of citizens by the local governments.

The network provides substantial help to AHC through the supply of information that is fast and verified on-site, on situations of human rights violations in the regions. Based on the progress of work to date, AHC deems it necessary not only to preserve the presence of correspondents and observers in the districts, but also to improve and consolidate their role in the process of observing and following human rights violations cases. In spite of the contribution of this network and their engagement on a volunteer basis, AHC feels it needs to further improve the observation and monitoring processes.


Adresa e Korrespondentëve Fier


Adresa e Korrespondentëve Gjirokastër


Adresa e Korrespondentëve Vlorë


Adresa e Korrespondentëve Elbasan


Adresa e Korrespondentëve Korçë


Adresa e Korrespondentëve Kukës

AHC seeks to expand the network of activists in order to further enlarge its geographical coverage of the country with observers and correspondents; it also intends to build their capacities in order to boost their professionalism, objectivity, self-engagement of observers, and the quality of their reporting. AHC feels the need to review and improve its own monitoring of the work of its activists and the involvement of the activists’ network in AHC campaigns for lobbying and advocacy, at the local level, as well as seeking better cooperation with the local media to convey messages in a way that is simple and comprehensible by the broad public.

Correspondents are part of the AHC structure that don’t operate full-time basis, however, their role is very important. Their capacities strengthened year after year, enable the organization to verify, monitor and intervene in record time on events and situations of violations of human rights anywhere in Albania. Correspondents are also a support point in the case of development activities in the area where they operate. They have collaborated on projects monitoring and observation situations, which have been the subject of projects that implement the organization this years.

Network correspondents and the observers are instructed and qualified continuously, as on concrete issues, and for basic issues on human rights. A special attention was made to add the number of observers and associates, specialized, by selecting them from the fields of health, justice and psychology.

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