We are late on electoral reform
The Albanian Helsinki Committee (AHC) expresses its concern about the fact that although today, April 13, 2018, the 6-month mandate of the Special Parliamentary Commission on Electoral Reform ends, there is no information on whether consensus has been reached on any important issue that has been addressed or whether work has begun on writing the
The Albanian Helsinki Committee (AHC) has followed the protest of Kukës inhabitants to express their dissatisfaction on the fee for maintaining the Nation’s Road. This right, according to article 1 of the Law “On rallies” is limited only when national security, public safety, protection of public order and prevention of crime, protection of health or
On Wednesday, March 21, 2018, the first hearing session will be held for one of the subjects of the transitory evaluation (vetting) in the Palace of Congresses, i.e. for the broad public. The notification has been made by the Independent Qualification Commission (IQC), on its official website.  Thus, the IQC has made possible transparency in
Economic Welfare, A Disturbing Problem
By means of the print and broadcast media, the Albanian Helsinki Committee (AHC) has been informed about the concern of a considerable number of citizens who complain that they have been removed unjustly from the economic welfare scheme. AHC does not prejudice how lawful and founded is this or that welfare scheme that has been
Amnesty, indicator of a humane penal policy
Based on media reports, we have been informed that there will be no amnesty this year. This is an exclusive competence of the Assembly. However, the Albanian Helsinki Committee (AHC) deems it necessary to highlight the intent of the amnesty, referring to international standards as well as amnesty laws approved by the Assembly of the
Press Statement – Inhuman Treatment of a Convict at the Peqin Prison
The Albanian Helsinki Committee (AHC), based on a signal it received that violence was exerted on a convict at the IEPD Peqin on 04.10.2017, conducted a verification on site, whereby it resulted that on 30.09.2017, around 22:30, the group on duty of Prison Police carried out an inspection for prohibited items at the High Security
More transparency about the evaluation of the professional capabilities of prosecutors in the context of the vetting process
The Albanian Helsinki Committee (AHC), with support from the Open Society Foundation Albania, is engaged in monitoring one of the most important processes of justice reform, that of vetting. On August 9, 2017, AHC submitted a request for information to institutions that collaborate with vetting bodies for the evaluation of assets, the control of the
On September 20, 2017, the Albanian Helsinki Committee (AHC) monitored the special meeting of the Higher Education Institutions (HEI) for the selection of candidates for members of the High Judicial Council (HJC) and the High Prosecutorial Council (HPC). During the monitoring, we found that representatives from the HEI and the School of Magistrates respected article
The isolated, especially children, require the intervention of the state
The Albanian Helsinki Committee (AHC), spurred by the information provided in newspaper “Panorama” of September 11, 2017, headline “The isolated child is not given the ‘besa’ to receive education in the village,” which talks about 24 children isolated in the District of Shkodra (for 15 of which plans are to provide education at home), deems
Measures for food security are relatively scarce
The Albanian Helsinki Committee supports and lauds the investigation of the “Fiks Fare” show on food safety. AHC deems it necessary to emphasize the fact that it is not the first time that food products have resulted out of standards, but is of the opinion that this issue has not been pursued to the end.
The Albanian Helsinki Committee (AHC) learned with profound pain, from the print media, about the murder of judge Fildes Hafizi, as well as the background, conditions and circumstances of this incident. On this occasion, we convey to the family and all relatives of the victim our sincere condolences. AHC condemns this barbaric act, an offense
The Albanian Helsinki Committee (AHC) appreciates and encourages efforts in the engagement for and intensification of the coordinated fight of the State Police against the production and trafficking of narcotics as well as cleaning up the infiltrated from police ranks. In consultation with citizens and in support of some partial data, AHC expresses concern that