Anti-Hate Speech in Western Balkans

Financially supported by: Civil Rights Defenders

Initiative implemented under the coordination of the Helsinki Committee in Northern Macedonia, and in partnership with the organizations YUCOM (Committee of Human Rights Lawyers, Serbia) and the Youth Initiative for Human Rights, Kosovo.

The overall objective of the project is to increase the capacity of active Civil Society Organizations in the Western Balkan countries to monitor hate speech through evidence-based advocacy and target group engagement, and to raise awareness among the general public. to recognize and report hate speech online through public online campaign based on systematic hate speech monitoring.

Project Period: 2021-2023

Specific objectives:

  1. To improve collection of structured data by CSOs on hate speech in Western Balkans (North Macedonia, Kosovo, Albania and Serbia).
  2. To increase knowledge of target groups to recognize and report hate speech through public advocacy and flow of information.
  3. To encourage CSO-s to regularly report online hate speech and engage relevant stakeholders on national and EU level.
  4. To encourage CSO-s to provide evidence-based monitoring results through structured monitoring.
  5. To increase regional advocacy efforts to initiate public debate on policy options on legislative changes regarding hate speech through direct engagement of decision—makers.

 The results intended to be delivered through the foreseen activities are as follows:

  1. 1 online workshop aimed at increasing the capacity of partner organizations on the methodological approach to data collection on hate speech;
  2. Based on analytical data search, AHC will produce 1 out of 4 monitoring summaries and analyses prepared at the regional level (by partner organizations in neighbouring countries such as Northern Macedonia, Kosovo and Serbia) on hate speech to include early warning and recommendations for action;
  3. 1 day open debate will be held with the involvement of students of the Faculty of Law to discuss hate speech;
  4. Informative and statistical infographics will be drafted with the expertise of 1 expert in the field;
  5. Coordination and coordination meetings will be held at the national level with important actors such as the People’s Advocate; Commissioner for Protection from Discrimination; Responsible Ministry etc.
  6. AHC will contribute through the provision of qualitative and statistical data, with the aim of drafting an advocacy policy document, with a comparative function;
  7. AHC will participate in the 1-day regional conference to be held in Skopje against hate speech in the Western Balkans;
  8. Large-scale growth of the public engaged through the campaign of public advocacy on hate speech and direct engagement with national stakeholders.
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