Breaking the myth of impunity of corruption by strengthening citizens’ trust in justice institutions

Donor: US Embassy in Albania

Timeline: June 2022-June 2023

The goal of this project: AHC aims to contribute proactively to the fight against corruption, through strengthening the watchdog role on the implementation of the anti-corruption policies. Our goal is to increase the public’s knowledge about the role of the vetting bodies, the Prosecutor’s Office and SPAK. Also, we aim to make the public aware of the rights they have against corrupt acts, as well as to provide legal and technical assistance to citizens, who face cases of corruption, to refer their legal problem to the justice bodies.

The specific objectives of the project are to:

1.Enhancing transparency, responsiveness and accountability of the vetting bodies, through monitoring their functional activities and creating space for public participation;
2.Promoting values through the education system for public integrity;
3. Creating greater public awareness on the fight against corruption in the justice system.

During the implementation of this project AHC will deliver these outputs

  1. Publication of 3 infographics on the activity of SPAK and vetting institutions during the time period 2021-2022;
  1. The publication of a study report which will analyze the decision-making powers of the prosecutor’s office and court decisions regarding criminal investigations for the subjects of the vetting process. Analysis of 15-20 decisions of the General Prosecutor’s Office and SPAK, as well as 10-15 court decisions in case SPAK and the General Prosecutor’s Office have filed criminal charges.
  2. Organization of one roundtable event for the consultation of the study report with state institutions and relevant actors;
  3. 6 promotional and informative forums, on integrity among professors and legal education on the legislation regarding corruption;
  4. Publication of 1 awareness video, 2 electronic leaflets and 2 periodical bulletins published on the criminal offenses of corruption, the activity of vetting bodies and ways on how to report corruption acts;
  5. 10 cases of citizens affected by criminal acts related to corruption assisted through legal and technical assistance.



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