Guaranteeing Free and Fair Elections through Monitoring Local Elections in Albania – June 2019

With financial support from the Federal Republic of Germany.

Duration: April 2019 – July 2019

Aim of project: Through the activities planned to be realised, AHC aims to achieve better respect for the right of vote in order to be fully exercised by the citizens. Through increasing the capacities of the observers for an impartial, objective and professional election process, AHC aims to increase directly and proportionally the visibility of violation of citizen’s right to vote to public opinion. Through the establishment of bridges of cooperation, AHC aims to increase the transparency and accountability of the competent institutions for the administration of the electoral process.

Results: AHC monitored the pre-electoral and electoral process in 8 cities in Albania (Tiranë, Durrës, Fier, Gjirokastër, Shkodër, Vlorë, Elbasan, Korçë), through the engagement of 115 accredited long-term observers. Observers became part of 1 day training conducted by well-known election law experts at AHC’staff. The monitoring process was carried out on the basis of a practical manual, methodology and individualized questionnaires for the voting and counting process. AHC carried out a press conference on dt. 2 July 2019, where the preliminary findings and conclusions of the monitoring process were presented. AHC is compiling the final report, which will be published in electronic format.

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