I participate! My voice, my vote counts

Supported by the European Commission Project timeframe: March 2020 – March 2022

The overall objective of the project is: To empower citizens and civil society to engage, promote, advocate and monitor democratic processes.

The specific objectives of the project are:

  1. To increase citizen’s participation in democratic processes and guaranteeing free and fair electoral process through Monitoring of Parliamentary Elections in Albania
  2. Amend the regulatory framework on political actors with a focus on political parties as a powerful mechanism for enhancing democratic representation in
  3. To empower local civil society organisations to promote community based democratic processes and citizen’s involvement to ensure integrity of elections and political

Expected results of the project:

  1. 9 public forums with students in public and private universities and high schools are organized
  2. Knowledge of at least 220 students/pupils/teachers is increased and they will be more active in decision making processes
  3. 3 Policy Papers are produced drafted and extensively shared with the public
  4. 3 workshops with the CSO representatives are organized to increase the local capacities for participating, promoting and influencing political processes
  5. The knowledge of at least 75 CSO representatives is increased on different aspects of civil society involvement in democratic processes
  6. At least 5 public statements on critical issues that will arise during the implementation of the action have been disseminated
  7. 5 info graphs are drafted and 2 short videos are produced and disseminated to promote the political engagement of young people and various groups and inspire their actions and involvement
  8. One free and easy to use website is developed to educate and engage citizens to participate in political processes
  9. 9 municipalities in Albania are monitored by the observers and AHC’
  10. 150 observers are selected and trained professionally by AHC staff and
  11. 3 training sessions in 3 cities with staff, observers and correspondents for monitoring areconducted.
  12. At least 200 Voting Centres are monitored by the trained observers
  13. At least 18 Counting Centres are monitored by the trained observers
  14. A monitoring methodology are developed by making use of an electronic system that will gather data and information from observers and generate reports in real time, during all the processes of monitoring;
  15. 1 press conference on preliminary results on the findings from the monitoring of the voting and counting
  16. 1 interim report for this preliminary electoral phase is published within 48 hours of the conclusion of the monitoring of the counting
  17. 1 final report on findings, possible violation of the exercise of the right to vote of citizens, conclusions and recommendations, is produced electronically in English and
  18. 4 grassroots CSO in Tirana, Durres, Elbasan and Shkoder are supported by the Albanian Helsinki Committee, with the aim of increasing their capacities in participating in democratic processes;
  19. Through the support of AHC to grassroots CSO-s, the participation of youth, minorities and PwD in electoral processes is facilitated and increased;
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