Values based educational activities to build resilience to VE among youth in Albania

DONATOR: Hedayah, with financial support from European Union.
Period of implementation: 14.12.2019 – 14.12. 2020

The Albanian Helsinki Committee has started the implementation of the project “Values based educational activities to build resilience to VE among youth in Albania” which aims to encourage the education of youth with fundamental values of society and democracy, like tolerance, mutual respect, prevention of hate language, cooperation and understanding through the means offered by literature. In the form of a pilot project, through different activities, this initiative will contribute in the prevention of radicalization that leads to violent extremism, in 24 schools belonging to 12 regions in Albania (Shkodër, Kukës, Lezhë, Tiranë, Elbasan, Durrës, Fier, Vlorë, Dibër, Berat, Korcë dhe Gjirokastër) and focuses mainly on two priorities “Communitarian communication and commitment” through the foreseen arrangement “Simulation of critical thinking, civil engagement and spread of values of tolerance through education”. Through this project, it is aimed:
– Completion of a baseline-endline survey which will be developed by an expert of the field who will explore suchlike elements: Literature as a means of education; Violent extremism and religion perception. The survey also aims to highlight and analyze the changes in the situation pertaining to the elements above, after the implementation of this initiative.
– Enrichment of libraries: about 2880 books will be distributed in 24 schools of 12 regions by the project’s staff in coordination with the Ministry of Education, Sport and Youth.
– A guideline will be drafted for the use of literature in a value-based education, which consists in the creation of a working tool for teachers to use in their daily jobs and addressing the phenomenon of violent extremism, and also a training manual for teachers and psychologists.
– At least 24 teachers and 15 psychologists of the 24 schools will be trained with the basic concepts of violent extremism and prevention of radicalization through value-based education.
– The project will support 6 extracurricular pilot activities (like reading clubs, theatre shows, competitions, etc.) for value-based education in the intended schools and will also offer continuous monitoring for teachers in the implementation of these activities

This project will have a direct impact on the youth through this novel approach to prevention of violent extremism through providing education with the principles of tolerance, mutual cooperation, constructive solving of problems, etc. through encouraging reading and the means offered by literature. This project will, as well, raise the ability that teachers and psychologists have in the prevention of this phenomenon.

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