Announcement: 11.04.2016

Dear colleagues and collaborators,
Through this announcement we would like to bring to your attention the appointment of the new Executive Director of the Albanian Helsinki Committee (AHC). Upon the resignation of Ms.Vjollca Meçaj, the Assembly of the Albanian Helsinki Committee among alternative candidates, elected as Executive Director Ms. Erida Skendaj, which carries out this task from 1st of April 2016.

Through the election of Mrs. Erida Skendaj with the task of Executive Director, the Assembly of the Albanian Helsinki Committee assessed her former contribution in activities of AHC and the professional preparation, believing in her commitment to fulfill the mission of the organization in promoting, protecting and respecting the rights and freedoms in the country. The Assembly of the Albanian Helsinki Committee after assessing the contribution of Ms. Vjollca Meçaj in the executive leadership of the organization for more than 6 years, decided to elect her as the President of the Board of the AHC.

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