Building Community Resilience to Violent Extremism by Empowering Youth

Supported by the US Embassy in Tirana

Project timeframe: October 2020 – October 2021

The overall objective of the project is to contribute to a greater community resilience to violent extremism by encouraging youth activism and their cooperation with community and local institutions.

The specific objectives of the project are:

  1. Increasing knowledge of the youth on violent extremism and radicalization, with a special focus with youngsters in rural
  2. Activating and empowering pupils in the “Student Government” and further democratization of the boards, in order to increase their resilience towards violent extremism to
  3. Strengthening the capacities of “Student Government” to organize community-based activities and to inter-act with local’ community and

Expected results of the project:

  1. 5 “Talk Shows” with pupils in 5 high schools in rural area
  2. Increased knowledge and awareness on violent extremism for up to 300 pupils
  3. Usage of innovative online learning platforms designated for youth
  4. One video spot with messages that promote values from youth to the community will be produced
  5. One assessment report on the functionality of the Student Governments will be carried out
  6. Recommendations for schools and Ministry of Education to improve the internal democracy, performance and efficiency of Student Governments will be provided
  7. Capacities of Student Governments are strengthened in violent extremism and in activity planning and management
  8. Up to 30 representatives of Student Governments will have a better knowledge on violent extremism
  9. Two modules useful for Student Governments regarding organization of community-based activities will be drafted
  10. 3 pilot extra-curricular activities from pupils will be supported to be implemented by them in their communities
  11. Around 3000 targeted pupils and community members will directly benefit from these 3 educational activities
  12. Continuous support for pupils to organize the pilot extracurricular community based activities will be provided
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