C1-EU-NPA – Improved Policy Debate and Accountability to Delivering on Fundamentals First, through the Establishment of Cluster One EU Negotiations Platform – Albania (C1-EU-NPA)

The general objective of the project is to support Albania’s EU accession negotiations related to Cluster One chapters (fundamentals first) through improved policy debate and strengthened accountability and CSOs role in the process.

Project duration: 1 June 2021-31 December 2023.

Supported by: The Netherlands Embassy in Albania.

The specific objectives of the project are to:

1) Support the public institutions engaged in the Cluster One EU negotiations through provision of policy expertise and advocacy.

2) Strengthen accountability and responsiveness of the public institutions engaged in the EU negotiation process to deliver on the fundamentals first and the overall pace of negotiations.

3) Strengthen knowledge and involvement of the professional community, relevant stakeholders and the public on processes and outcomes pertaining to Cluster One EU negotiations.

4) Strengthen the overall role and visibility of Albanian CSOs in EU negotiation process.

The results intended to be delivered through the foreseen activities are as follows:

1) AHC will produce 7 out of 28 publications (policy papers, policy briefs, discussion papers, position papers) that will cover relevant topics related to the negotiation process included in the Cluster One and developments in EU integration agenda of the country.

2) 6 joint meetings between C1-EU-NPA partner organizations and the government institutions involved in the negotiation process, including the Parliament.

3) 6 public discussion tables with the aim of discussing on topics relevant to the Cluster One negotiation process that will be identified through the research and coordination and networking.

4) 10 press conferences to communicate with the media on issues related to the Cluster One negotiation process will be held.

5) 3 conferences (1 each year) with the participation of the relevant stakeholders

6) Establishment of dedicated web platform as a communication channel for the dissemination with the public of project activities and results.

7) Regular dissemination through social media of information on project activities and results or/and issues of concern.


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