Support to sustainable return and reintegration in Serbia and Albania

With financial support from GIZ, this project is being implemented by Albanian Helsinki Committee and IAN (International Aid Network)

Period of implementation: February 2019 – June 2020

The overall objective of this project is offering psycho-social assistance to the returnees from Germany and other countries of EU. Its main goal is to facilitate the process of reintegration of families with children and unaccompanied minorities through psychological, psychiatric and social assistance offered by the group of experts such as psychologists, psychiatrists and volunteers. The project assists its beneficiaries with psychological and psychiatric counselling offered free of charge. The families and individuals receive psycho-social support prior and during the process of registration in the employment offices in order to be part of the job market. They also receive support with the preparation for a job interview or a CV. The beneficiaries also receive assistance for different services in institutions and reintegration process. Their children receive assistance with the education process by the volunteers.

The results of project implementation : In order to inform the respective institutions and to increase returnees access to these services, leaflets have been disseminated and continuously shared online also with the competent authorities, such as Employment Offices, Local Directorate of Borders and Migration and civil society organizations. Since the beginning of the project more than 100 beneficiaries have been supported through psychological and psychiatric assistance.

More than 80 beneficiaries among them children, youngsters, women and men have been assisted with psychological support and many of them are now part of the job market. More than 20 beneficiaries have been supported with psychiatric assistance. In addition, 25 families affected by the earthquake have been assisted through psychological support.

In the following months, the project will continue to offer psychological assistance for the returnees from Germany and other countries of EU, as well as the psychiatric assistance and the psycho-social support by the volunteers with the educational process of children, in order to facilitate the process of reintegration in the community and in the job market.

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