The monitoring of human rights in the Republic of Albania via the empowerment of local human right defenders through workshops, joint monitoring missions, as well as the gathering of first-hand data.

Donor: The Government of Canada

Timeline: August 2022-February 2024

The goal of the project is the empowerment of local human rights defenders to observe and report on the current situation of human rights in Albania, as well as to publicly address their assessment of the measurement of the current state of human rights in our country during the period of the implementation of this initiative.

During the implementation of this project, AHC intends to carry out the following activities:

  1. An awareness and informative campaign regarding the Universal Periodic Review in the framework of the obligations arising from Albania’s membership in the United Nations which will take place online;
  2. 3 workshops with human rights defenders in the country regarding the use of the Universal Periodic Review mechanism to follow up cases of human rights violations in the country;
  3. Development of monitoring tools to improve the current assessment and to systematically ensure the addressing and ensure a continuous and improved assessment of the recommendations to the United Nations Treaty Bodies;
  4. Realization of 15 monitoring missions and publication of relevant reports on the respect of human rights in the country;
  5. Realization of the National Barometer for evaluating the representation of 9 categories of human rights: housing and minimum standards of living;  right to work and fair conditions of work;  right to land; right to life and security of persons (focusing on rights of accused and detained persons); right to participate in public life (focus on decision-making processes); right to access to justice (focus on vulnerable groups); right to equality and non-discrimination (focus on minorities, children, LGBTIQA+ and women),  right to water (focusing on rural areas) and  right to education (focusing on youth in rural areas).
  6. 5 consultation tables with actors and interest groups for consultation of monitoring reports;
  7. Realization and publication of a shadow report on the situation of human rights addressed to the Human Rights Council at the United Nations for the Universal Periodic Review.
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