To enhance transparency, inclusiveness and accountability in the vetting process, funded by OSFA

July 2017 – June 2018

Project’s Goal and Objectives:

The purpose of this project is to increase transparency, inclusiveness and accountability throughout the transitory re-evaluation process of judges and prosecutors in the Republic of Albania. Project’s Specific objectives are:

Promoting transparency and accountability of the vetting bodies;

Improving the legal and institutional framework for the vetting process in accordance with human rights standards;

 Increase citizen sensitivity and higher involvement of the public, media and civil society in the vetting process.

In cooperation with the Prosecutors Association of Serbia (PAS) and international experts, AHC has developed a professional methodology for monitoring the Vetting process. 8 (eight) skilled local jurist specializing mainly in administrative law have been selected and their capacities have been enhanced to monitor the different phases of the vetting process. An awareness video was made to introduce the vetting bodies as well as to assist the addressing of facts and intelligence that constitute evidence in the vetting process. Television interviews were made as well as numerous articles were written in the context of public awareness and information on the progress of the vetting process.

The Helsinki Committee has already published the key findings of the monitoring process based on the process of monitoring sessions in June 2018.

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