Press Release – September 8, 2016

According to the announcement of the Central Election Commission (CEC) on 7th of September 2016 at “Nazmi Rushiti” school in Peshkopi, the elementary school in Maqellarë, the elementary school in Tomin Center and in the elementary school in Sohodoll, were not present in the training none of the member of VCC.

CEC for this reason has been forced to call the relevant subjects electoral, proposer for VCC members to care for their presence in trainings.

The Albanian Helsinki Committee (AHC) supporting the above announcement of CEC, deems it necessary to emphasize that even at the previous elections that have been developed in our country, there have been such delays that members of the VCC or have trained with to many delays and in haste or partly they have not undergone all training programs.

AHC expresses its concern because if there is no interfere with emergency, the negative impact on the non implementation of law can be reflected in the voting process.

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