Strasbourg Court accepts AHC request for obtaining temporary measures against sick prisoner

Albanian Helsinki Committee (AHC), as legal representative of the citizen sentenced to imprisonment F.Z, on 29.07.2016 has presented a request to the European Court for the Human Rights, for obtaining temporary measures, according to the Court Rule 39. Actually, this citizen is currently serving his imprisonment sentence at the IEPD Kruja and suffers from major and bone nerve damages in his leg, atrophy and infections, as the result of the break of a metal pad installed in his body, during the execution of sentence.

Even though, the Krujë Judicial District Court, with a final decision of 10.03.2015 ordered prison authorities to execute the surgical intervention for his foot treatment, the prisoner was facing a real risk of a serious and irreversible damage, as the state of health can wipe out forever the opportunities for physical recovery of lost skills.

Once it is known also with the position of the Albanian state authorities about this application, the European Court of Human Rights, in August 26, 2016 reports that, accepted the AHC request to take interim measures, asking the Albanian state to perform the surgery (operation), as it has been ordered by the District Court of Kruja.

The non-execution of this order of the European Court of Human Rights is considered a violation of the European Convention on Human Rights and international commitments, in which the Republic of Albania is a party.

Therefore, the Albanian authorities should immediately take all necessary measures to implement this decision of the European Court of Human Rights and guarantee the rights under the European Convention on Human Rights, for the sick citizen.

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