We applaud consensual approval of Justice System Reform

From July 8, 2016, the Albanian Helsinki Committee (AHC) called upon all members of the Assembly of Albania to approve the draft amendments to the Constitution of the Republic of Albania for Reform of the Justice System, because it was primarily in the interest of Albania.

We applaud the Assembly of Albania for finally reaching the conclusion that this reform was not only essential to approve, but also that its consensual approval is a guarantee for its implementation in practice, for its endurance and longevity.

AHC expresses its special thanks to the Venice Commission, the EU and the U.S., Ambassador Romana Vlahutin and Ambassador Donald Lu, the EURALIUS AND OPDAT Missions, for their extraordinary engagement in the drafting of this project of international standards.

AHC is confident that the approval of this reform will be supported strongly by all Albanian citizens who could no longer agree with the serious corruption that caused repercussions to the detriment of their interests. With the approval of this reform, they will be encouraged and sensitized that their role as an irreplaceable force for accountability will be more effective and more motivated.

AHC is convinced that, upon approval of the above reform and onwards, the confidence of citizens in the bodies of the court and the prosecutor’s office will increase. To this end, the implementation of the constitutional principle that everyone is equal before the law, that the concept and practice of impunity will be dealt a serious blow, will have a direct influence. The people have aspired, demanded and will continue to demand an independent and impartial justice where the Constitution and the law will be the highest authority.

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