Respect for the implementation of the fundamental human rights and freedoms in general, with a special focus on vulnerable groups

Vulnerable groups in Albania, such as women, juveniles, persons with physical and mental disabilities, LGBT, and the Roma and Egyptian minorities often face situations of discrimination by individuals, state and public institutions, etc.
Upon entry into force of the law “On protection against discrimination” and the establishment of the Office of the Commissioner, citizens facing various forms of discrimination have the legal room to denounce any form of discrimination and to reinstate violated rights. Considering these positive developments, AHC considers a priority the actions to protect and respect the violated rights of Albanian citizens through:

  • Monitoring respect for their rights;
  • Legal critique to legal and institutional reforms undertaken by the Government of Albania;
  • Offering free legal assistance;
  • Raising the awareness of citizens, the media, and state structures, as well as through building the capacities of relevant structures.

Entering the Roma decade and the increased EU attention on minorities, particularly the Roma and Egyptian ones, as well as in the context of aligning Albanian legislation with that of the EU, the Government of Albania has undertaken a series of legal reforms related to minorities or vulnerable groups in Albania. In spite of these initiatives, there are still important legal reforms to be undertaken in this regard, in accordance with measures presented in the Government of Albania Action Plan for an effective implementation of European Partnership short-term priorities.


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