Project Assistant

MSc. Ardita (Ari) Matlija graduated in 2022 in Master of Science in Clinical Psychology with high results, at the University of Tirana, where she also completed her Bachelor studies in Psychology.

She was engaged for a year as a project assistant and translator in the Albanian-Swedish Juvenile Justice Program by the Swedish International Development and Cooperation Agency (SIDA) and worked closely with the Swedish Prison and Probation Service on this program.

She is the author of two scientific studies:

  1. Personality Traits and Death Anxiety (2020)
  2. Neglect, personality, and defensive styles: The relationship of neglect, cluster B personality disorders, and defensive levels in a nonclinical sample of students (2022)

Also, she has been and is a volunteer for various organizations such as: Jonathan Centre, Streha Centre and currently as a member of the Youth Council of the American Embassy in Albania.

She has been working with the Albanian Committee of Helsinki since June 2023 as a project assistant, mainly in the field of violent extremism and the protection of human rights.

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