Better respect of human rights in Albania by strengthening the rule of law “Legal Clinic XII”, funded by Civil Rights Defenders

The main activities planned in this project consist of organizing several workshops on CSO advocacy and access to the Constitutional Court, publishing of a brochure on the use of legal remedies, carrying out of sporadic monitoring missions on human rights issues, monitoring courts for assessing and enforcing the law on legal aid, studying the monitoring of access to justice for vulnerable groups, organizing a round table to present the findings of the monitoring, providing legal challenge in the framework of legal reforms, providing recommendations to state institutions, representation of cases before ECtHR, Constitutional Court, etc.

January – December 2018

This project’s objectives are the following:

Enhancing public awareness on issues of human rights and fundamental freedoms;

Protection and respect for human rights, through strategic litigation processes, actio popularis; and legal objections;

Increased visibility regarding human rights violations, in the media and public opinion.

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