To conduct strategic litigation for Effective Protection of Health Rights, funded by OSFA

June 2017 – June 2018

Project’s Goal and Objectives:

This project’s goal, is to identify and strengthen judicial mechanisms for the protection of public health issues by lobbying and litigating towards improving standards in the medical service of mental health, human treatment and ensuring life and health of prisoners who suffer severe illnesses, as well as the effective exercise of the rights of residents affected by the contamination of the Gjanica River.

Within this project, many monitoring sessions have been carried out in Psychiatric Hospitals/Wards and designated Prisons. AHC has made a press release and has referred the case to the Prosecution Office at the Kruja Judicial District Court. Moreover, AHC has presented to the relevant state institutions the need for taking measures and inspection of contamination in the Gjanica River, based on the monitoring conducted. Referring to this impact by AHC, Fier Municipality is implementing the project for the rehabilitation of the Gjanica river bed and simultaneously initiated the project “Recovered Earth Gjanica” intended for the filtering of river waters. Through strategic litigation, AHC will address the respective cases of flagrant violations of the rights of patients suffering from mental health problems or those suffering from severe health illnesses, establishing positive patterns of referral and protection of the rights of this highly vulnerable category of society. In tandem with the pursued judicial avenue that will have for reference point the jurisprudence of the ECtHR, in conjunction with Article 3 of the ECHR, AHC will lobby and advocate by addressing recommendations in order to exert positive pressure on public health institutions at central and local level, to the governing bodies of the prison system.

Direct beneficiaries of this project are about 800 patients/ill people with mental health problems and about 100 thousand inhabitants of the banks of Gjanica River, as well as state institutions competent to take action in concrete cases.

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