To Increase Independence, Accountability, Transparency and Efficiency of New Institutions of the Government and Justice, funded by Save the Children

Guided by the AHC’s mission, our initiative will consist in monitoring the establishment, organization and functioning of the new institutions of justice system governance, and in particular the two Councils, the High Judicial one as well as that of the Prosecutor’s Office. The focus of AHC’s initiative will be transparency vis-à-vis the public, accountability, efficiency, the quality of decision-making of these collegial bodies, especially the exercise of their competences regarding the status and career of judges and prosecutors.

Findings and conclusions from the AHC’s monitoring will be made available to the relevant justice institutions as well as to the international assistance missions in Albania. In accordance with their importance, they will be periodically communicated to the media and the public so that this process will be transparent in the eyes of citizens, seeking to regain lost trust in the independent justice bodies.

April 2018 – March 2019

This project’s objectives are:

  1. Encouraging the independence, transparency, efficiency and accountability of the new bodies entrusted with the powers to govern and self-regulate the status of judges and prosecutors in the Republic of Albania.
  2. Improving the legal and institutional framework for the process of establishing and functioning of councils in accordance with human rights standards;
  3. Enhancing citizen awareness and greater involvement of the public, media and civil society organizations in the process of establishing and functioning of HJC and HPC.
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