Press Release: Activity in the context of the initiative “Civil Society Countering Violent Extremism”

The Albanian Helsinki Committee (AHC) in cooperation with three counterpart organizations in Norway, Serbia, Netherlands, and the organization “Together for Life” is implementing the initiative “Civil Society Countering Violent Extremism,” funded by the European Union. By means of this initiative, we aim at:

  1. Empowering civil society organizations, non-government bodies and public security institutions to contribute to the prevention and addressing of violent extremism and radicalism in Albania;

  2. Empowering the education system in terms of its capacities and competences for civic education that inspires a non-violent culture, oriented toward human rights and empowering civil society organizations to interact and collaborate with these institutions;

  3. Assisting the penitentiary system to offer effective measures directed toward human rights, seeking to address radicalism and recruitment of violent extremists among persons deprived of their liberty, belonging to groups at risk and to enable reintegration processes for foreign fighters convicted for terrorism and other inmates sentenced for extremism.

Pursuant to the objectives of this very important initiative for the country, AHC will realize in the city of Korça, Hotel Grand Palace, on Friday, July 21, 2017, at 10:00, a training with representatives of civil society, media and institutions of the local level. The training program seeks to increase capacities of participants for the promotion of tolerance and aims at addressing violent extremism at the local level. The themes to be addressed in this activity have to do with the legal national and international standards against violent extremism, the international strategies and civil society role in preventing violent extremism, the identification of affected persons, etc.

Greeting the event will be the European Union Ambassador in Tirana Ms. Romana Vlahutin, the National Coordinator for the Prevention of Violent Extremism Mr. Agron Sojati as well as the Executive Director of the Albanian Helsinki Committee Ms. Erida Skëndaj. Ms. Izabela Kisic, chairwoman of the Helsinki Committee for Human Rights in Serbia, will also provide her expertise at the training program.

The training will take place at the Hotel Grand Palave, in Korça, at 10:00. The activity is organized in the context of the implementation of the project “Civil Society Countering Violent Extremism,” funded by the European Union.

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