Prevent incidents, avoid hate speech

The media reports of May 2, 2015, informed public opinion regarding an incident that took place in the city of Durrës, during the rally organized by Ms. Grida Duma, candidate of the Democratic Party for Durrës Mayor. The incident contained elements of unlawful offences and, as a result, based on the information we have, criminal proceedings have been initiated.

AHC condemns this act and suggests to electoral subjects not only to distance themselves from such acts, but also to take the necessary measures so that their militants and activists will manifest correct behavior and to guarantee that their contribution in this electoral process will be in accordance with the law and standards of a democratic society.

On the other hand, we suggest to justice bodies to carry out fast and objective investigations, both on the mentioned event and any other similar instance. This would be useful not only for holding those responsible accountable legally, but also for preventing such instances in the future.

Such incidents should be avoided by all means so that during the election campaign, which legally should begin 30 days before election day (after May 20), voters may follow attentively and calmly the programs of electoral subjects, debates between their candidates, in order to create their personal, independent judgment on the vote they will cast. Likewise, hate speech and provocations between candidates and their supporters should be avoided as they may lead to tension in the situation on the eve of elections and harm standards of the electoral process.

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