Press release: 11.05.2017
AHC starts the implementation of the project civil society countering violent extremism

The Albanian Helsinki Committee, in partnership with the Norwegian Helsinki Committee, the Helsinki Committee for Human Rights in Serbia, the association “Together for Life” and the Netherlands Helsinki Committee, during 2017 and 2018 will implement in Albania the project “Civil society countering violent extremism.” The overall objective of the project financed by the European Union with an amount of €334,845.800 is to empower the civil society organizations, non governmental bodies and public security institutions on countering violent extremisms and radicalization in Albania.

AHC and its partners, through the implementation of this new initiative for the civil society in Albania, aim to prevent the spreading of violent extremism among vulnerable groups that are easy target for radicalization by:

1) reinforcing the professional capacities of the civil society organizations in the local area, provide human rights education to the formal education sector and Universities and assist the penitentiary system in providing effective and human rights sensitive measures to prevent radicalization and recruitment to violent extremism;

2) focusing our work with youth, women, religious, cultural and economic CSO’s especially in the remote areas of the country, as well as will interactively will involve students and high school people from several Albanian cities, and last but not least will work with the prison system employees, to build up safeguards that emphasize the observation of international and national human rights. 

3) working side by side with the local organizations to guide them to develop good initiatives and coach them during the overall projects implementation and with public institutions involved, ensuring their full involvement throughout the fulfillment of their national and international legal obligations towards countering violent extremism.

Partner organizations will soon open a Call for Proposals for all civil society organizations and individuals who want to be part of countering violent extremism and the spread of the spirit of tolerance and respect for human rights.

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