Government institutions should take serious immediate action to provide people with disability with delayed disability payments

Albanian Disability and Development Coalition expresses the concern about the situation, with regards to groups of people with disabilities, in some districts, cities, municipalities and communes of the country, a situation which relates to the delay of disability monthly payments that they should benefit, especially during the last quarter of the last year. This issue is widely reflected by the written and electronic media, which we find the opportunity to thank you for this support.

Albanian Disability and Development Coalition attracts the attention of responsible institutions and the community that the delay of these payments has an impact on the everyday lives of these persons and their families, making it hard for them to meet the basic needs as food, drugs, caregiver services, etc. We draw the attention of the relevant governmental structures, and the Commissioner for Protection against Discrimination that such an action to the category of persons with disabilities, puts the latter in unfavorable and discriminatory situation, based on territorial position or in comparison with the rest of the population.

Albanian Disability and Development Coalition also requires from these institutions, at central and local level to take urgent measures to normalize the situation, using all available resources, to further analyze the causes of this phenomenon, which turns out to have been repeated more than once. Responsible institutions should find out the responsibility of employees who have caused this situation and hold them accountable and meanwhile to perform a realistic funding plan for the coming period, to prevent recurrence of this phenomenon. An emergency measure that we suggest, is finalizing the restructuring of the evaluation commission for people with disabilities already initiated by the Ministry of Labour, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities, this process should be completed as soon as possible. This will positively affect the realization of a real planning for disability funds, and will avoid cases of abuse within the current scheme.

Albanian Disability and Development Coalition will follow the developments regarding the unfavorable situation for persons with disabilities, hoping that institutions will take immediate action to provide people with delayed disability payments, normalize the procedure, as well as prevent the emergence of similar situations in the future.

Albanian Disability and Development Coalition.

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